Jolly Buoy

Andaman ka sabse behetaran jaiga. The best place to be in Andaman and it was wise to reserve the best for the last day.

We left early morning at 6 for Wandoor Jetty. At 7 after thorough checking and disposing off all plastic we left for Jolly Buoy. Be advised that you have to hire water bottles from the counter to take to Jolly Buoy and your kinley and bisleri will not be allowed there.

The journey to Jolly Buoy is of forty minutes. You have to take forest permit the day before. Journey to Jolly Buoy is only allowed from 15th November to 15th May. Other times you can visit the Red Skin Island of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, the only one of its kind in India. It is said the Jolly Buoy is comparable to tbe best of the world.

The boat doesnt travel upto Jolly Buoy. It leaves you a litte distance away. From there you are taken to the island in glass bottom boats. We opted for a longer paid tour of the glass bottom where they will show you the entire coral reef.

I had enquired about scuba diving in Jolly Buoy and they said that is not done in Jolly buoy. Now I know why. There is no place to dive here. The coral here is barely 3ft deep. In fact sometimes your boat may get stuck in the mountain corals. There are corals to your left, and to your right and to infront of you. There are finger corals, mountain corals, boulder corals and all other types of corals. Yellow corals, red corals and white corals too. You can see blue,yellow and red fish swimming past you. You can spot the sea lily and homes of the sea fish as your boat moves you across the reef. Returning from glass bottom boat we proceeded towards snorkeling.

The guide took you around the reef, explaining the various corals, fish and occasionally taking you down for a dive under the ocean. It was indeed an amazing experience and one of the best in Andamans. AS you swim with the best I felt the heavy burden of our ten day long trip coming to an end. But alas, all good things come to an end. We returned to Wandoor by two.

Next we took a short trip to Chidiyatappu or the sunset point. Since monsoon was almost setting in we had no hopes of a good sunset. However there is a biologicla park in the place and a naturla trail. We followed the natural trail through various ups and downs in the forest for 1.8 kms and reached the Southern most tip of South Andaman. It represented a wonderful view of the entire Cinque islands and a rock jutting out in the ocean. We could feel the water being sucked through one side of the rock and gushing out through the other end. We slowed down on our return trek taking in the silence and the sounds of the jungle.


We returned to our hotel for packing for our return the next day. Next day early morning we left for Veer Savarkar Airport from where we took off for our flight to Kolkata. Adieu Andamans!


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