Havelock and Neil Island

Next day we left for Phoneix Bay jetty where we boarded the Green Ocean-I to go to havelock Island. Security was lax at the jetty and frisking was hapazard. We pulled our luggage to the Green Ocean-I cruise ship after checking in. The journey to Havelock was of around two and half hour. The ship comprised of three decks from Royal to Luxury to Executive. The Executive is down below with no view of the open sea. It can be upgraded from the check in counter. The jetty at Havelock is a small one with no proper shedsOn reaching Havelock we proceeded to Dolphin Resort. Our car was prebooked. It was the Dolphin Resort and the surroundings that took our breath away. Located on an elongated curve you could spend an eternity in the hotel itself.


We arrived at the hotel by 10 and waited in our rooms till lunch. After lunch at the hotel we took off to Radhanagar beach. On the way there was rain for around ten minutes and we took shelter in a tea shop where they were selling one litre of water for fifty rupees. Once the rain stopped we proceeded to the beach. The beach and its surroundings are well maintained and kept. Touted as the eight best beach in the world, the clouds and the sunshine made the beach look as one of the best in the world.


We bathed there for around three hours. The waves are high and come to you all of a sudden catching you off-guard. We returned to our hotel at around eight. On the way back to hotel our road was blocked by a giant snake who refused to budge from the road and only moved at his own leisurely pace.

Next day I went to Ocean Tribe Scuba Diving for scuba diving. Just a few days back there had been an accident involving scuba diving and a man had lost his life. As such the Government has restricted deep sea diving. Anyway we were trained with various hand signals and ways to operate the mask before we left for deep sea diving. My guide Marcus took me around the reef for around forty minutes. The life under water is a totally different experience. The variety of fish, the flora and the fauna was astounding. It felt like I was swimming in an aquarium.


However all good things come to an end and after forty minutes relaxing under the ocean I left for shore and from there to Elephanata Beach by chartered boat. Over there we engaged in complimentary snorkeling and glass bottom boat ride. Though after scuba diving it looked a damper. We left that afternoon for Neil.

On reaching Neil we checked into Hawabill Nest Resort of Andaman Tourism Department. At around 4 we left for Laxmanpur beach for sunset view point. The sunset was blocked by the numerous clouds dotting the sky. As people bathed in the afternoon waters I watched the calm sea stroking gently on the sandy beach. The sun did set and showed us his face for the last few minutes though the view wasn’t as spectacular we expected. We returned to our hotel.


Next day we left early morning to go to Laxmanpur Beach-II or coral reef bridge. The area is accessible only during the low tide and we walked on the coral bed to reach the first howrah bridge. A giant structure and an overhead bridge joining a pillar with the mainland. We crossed over it and proceeded to the second bridge further down. However our progress was halted by the crystal clear water and we had to be content with viewing the second bridge from afar. Next we visited Sitapur beach and Bharatpur beach. We did glass bottom boat ride in Bharatpur beach but it was a complete waste of money. In the evening we took the Makruzz to Port Blair.



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