North Bay and Ross Island

Next day we were scheduled for North Bay Island. This is where the entire water related activities are carried out in Port Blair. Early morning we left for Aberdeen jetty in Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. From there we chartered a boat to go to North Bay Island and Ross Island. There was some confusion at the dock as the tourism officers wont allow us to leave without a standby rescue boat. So till the rescue boat arrived we were stuck in the jetty. Finally we left for North Bay Island. We had purchased tickets for submarine coral safari. The only one of its kind in India.


It was a ten minute journey to North Bay, the famous island from the twenty rupee note. The beach is congested and water activities like snorkeling and scuba are being carried out. We took the submarine safari a fully air conditioned sub-submarine. It took us on a journey around the coral reef showing us the variety of corals. There was mountain coral, brain coral, finger coral and every other coral you’ll find. The tour was for one hour costing Rs 1850/- per head. I felt the cost was too high compared to the view. From North Bay we proceeded to Ross Island. Ross Island is remarkably a beauty and I would advise everybody to skip the North Bay and go only to Ross Island. You have to walk around the Ross Island as you see old church and dilapidated buildings from the British era. There was all type of luxury available in the island ranging from swimming pool also. part of the Island is used by the Navy is restricted. There were deer everywhere roaming around like they owned the place. You could go down to Ferrar Beach and enjoy the waves there. Or maybe you could sit near the helipad and enjoy the panoramic view of the North Bay Beach. The boatmen will give you one hour time to view the island, but however make sure to ask for around two hour atleast if you want to tour the island properly. As clouds covered the sky we returned to Port Blair.



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